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Essential Oils

I hope this new writing finds you all doing well and working hard on your goals.  I plan to enjoy the time I have with family and the beautiful Minnesota landscape.  I have new classes to take and activities to do which will help me serve you, my clients.  I hope you also will work on learning new things and planning meaningful activities with loved ones.

Change is not always fun and planning new activities can cause heightened anxiety. Many of you know that the skills I teach I also utilize in my own life. Something new that was introduced to me is essential oils. I started to use a diffuser in my office with a blend called Balance or Elevation. Very quickly I received comments that a more relaxed and calm feeling was felt in the office. I then added On Guard which is meant to help with fighting germs and better health.  These little changes seem to help the atmosphere of the office. I also sent different blends to my parents and good friends who are finding benefits in using the oils.  Of course I also use them with my family and have found them to be very helpful. 

I am not an expert on oils but the friend who introduced me to them is very helpful and the website has a lot of information regarding different uses for the oils. I have always believed that pharmaceuticals are needed by some people but sometimes alternatives are helpful.  Oils are not intended to replace pharmaceuticals but can be added to them or if not on pharmaceuticals a way to stay off of them. Never stop your medication without consulting your doctor but if you are not on medications and feel anxious, depressed, have ADD/ADHD, pain, sleep issues ect essential oils may be helpful to you. If you are on medication the oils may also help but are not a replacement for your medication.  I encourage you to research essential oils. The brand I use is just one brand and there are many out there to look at and pick from. I do want to caution against buying the diffuser on Dottera they are very good but cheaper ones can be found at or amazon. Research and find out what is best for you. 

Blessings to you all,

Lisa Marie