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Jan 2013

January 03, 2013

As we enter the year 2013 I ask you to take a moment to be kind to yourself. Many people make New Year Resolutions. They mostly consist of doing things you have not been doing well; such as losing weight, being better at…. I challenge you to make some of those items on your New Year resolution list items you already have been achieving well. For example I resolve to continue to….

Remember life is about balance; balance those goals for the New Year with intentions to keep moving.  

Perhaps this is also a time where you can share those goals with me and together we can move forward on the path you want to take for 2013.

Lisa Marie

A Promise to Myself

I promise to be kind to myself today.

Negative thoughts I will chase away.

Those cutting remarks and critical words

From my inner voice, will not be heard. 


This personal battle comes to an end.

My inner child needs time to mend.

Haunting memories of past mistakes

Will no longer cause my heart to ache.


My freedom comes from the inside out~

From letting go of that old self doubt.

But my power comes from God above

Who helps transform me with His Love.



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