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More Skills for 2014

November 07, 2014

Time sure seems to move quickly. This is a season of many changes; changes in the weather and hopefully positive changes in us. It is my hope that when you look at this site you can look back at the previous writings and review or learn skills. I am at heart a teacher and therapist who believes we all can learn something new every day.

The Holiday Season is again approaching and with this time many feel the excitement and joy of the season but many others feel sadness and overwhelming stress. Stress is never out of our lives and is a good thing when not in the extreme; Balance is key.  

I would like to share another skill that is based on the EMDR resource building procedures. I am not sure where this skill came from or if perhaps I invented it; however I do know it works and it is based on the EMDR principals:

Do you ever find yourself working at night in your sleep/dreams? Or perhaps trying very hard to solve a problem in your sleep/dreams? You are somewhere between sleep and wakefulness and know you NEED TO SLEEP!! What I have found helpful to stop my mind from working when I want to sleep is this:

First say:

 Stop! I need to sleep.


Visualize a paint brush painting white back and forth over your thoughts. (I usually visualize it inside my forehead going back and forth). Continue to visualize this paint brush going back and forth…back and forth….covering your thoughts so it is a white empty slate. Continue until your mind is calm and you can now sleep.

I have found this very helpful this process allows me to stop my working mind and get the sleep I so need. Clients have also shared this skill works for them. Some use a different color to paint over their thoughts and it works also. Adapt it to fit you and get the sleep you so desperately need. Sleep will help you deal with the rush of the holiday season and the normal stress of life that cannot be avoided.

Good Luck!

Blessings to you,

Lisa Marie


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