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Lisa's Corner 

Spring & Summer 2014

April 07, 2014

May everyone enjoy and be thankful for the wonderful weather. The past winter was long and cold and for many very discouraging. I am hopeful that with the nicer weather we remember that there are so many positives in our daily life. The beauty of a robin’s return, a flower blooming, the promise of summer heat and all the wonderful adventures Minnesota towns have to offer when the weather is nice. Take advantage of those events throughout the state, many are close to home and free. If issues overcome you utilize the skills you have learned.

I am going to share the Spiral Technique which is a wonderful way for self-control and self-soothing. It will help shift from experiencing to observing, and then to a state of calmness. This skill as with all skills my hope is for you to develop “muscle” to use this technique on demand.  This only comes with practice.

The idea of this exercise is to imagine a spiral either inside or surrounding our body outside. It does not matter; it’s your own personal preference. This spiral is hooked up to a never ending supply of healing, soothing, calming, relaxing energy. You can think of this source as anything you want; the sun, water, heat, a scent flowing through you or a power source such as God or the universe; whatever works for you. This healing, soothing, calming, relaxing energy spirals through your body and picks up any disturbance. The spiral also goes deep into the earth, deep below this building and the ground under you, where the earth receives the entire disturbance brought to it by the spiral and neutralizes it. So that what is left is this never ending supply of healing, soothing, calming, relaxing energy.

Now let us see how it is done:

Close your eyes and imagine a spiral either inside or outside your body. The spiral reaches deep into the earth below you and above you it is hooked to its source. Now turn on the energy and let the never ending supply of healing, soothing, relaxing energy flow through you. As it does, it picks up any disturbance, bad thought, negative energy, tension and spirals it down deep into the earth below you where the earth gladly receives it and neutralizes it. So all that is left in your body is healing, soothing, calming, relaxing energy.

Helpful hint: imagine the spiral going slowly down your body from your head to your neck to your shoulders; your arms, hands, fingers; the core of your body; downward through your legs all the way to your toes. You may even want to go through the whole body more than once. Do this until your body is relaxed and you are in a state of calm.

Please practice your skills and enjoy the nice weather!

Lisa Marie 

Spiral adapted from Kathleen M. Martin LCSW



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